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Shin Guards

The development of shock absorbing materials

The core function of shin guards is to spread loads over wider areas, thus reducing the local impact force of kicks or blows. A variety of different shock absorbing materials have been utilised for this purpose ... more

Fastening of shin guards to the players' legs

Initially, shin guards were fastened to the players' legs by means of belts. This method did not only impair the free movement of the leg but also reduced blood circulation in the calf area and led to early fatigue and cramps ... more

Increased flexibility and reduced weight

As early as in the 1920s, shin guard shells sometimes had a rib construction, consisting eg. of several parallel vertical strips for reduced weight and increased flexibility ... more

Combination of several protective functions

Time and again inventions relating to shin guards included designs for a combined protection of the shin and other areas of the lower leg ... more

"Smart" shin guards with electronic devices

One of the most important technological trends in sport, the collection and transmission of data on the performance and physical condition of athletes, does not stop at the shin guards either: numerous new patent applications envisage the use of electronic instruments. ...more