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Football and Technology



Radio flag

It all started with a cablegram sent from Santiago de Chile in May 1962 and ended eight years later and some thousand miles further north, when the first yellow card in the history of football was shown ... more

Smart football

Controversial referee decisions on "offside", "out of bounds" or "goal" have accompanied the football game from the beginning. The still most famous example is the "Wembley goal" of the 1966 FIFA Worldcup final between England and the ... more

Synthetic materials

Nature offers many materials with special properties, such as leather, glass, wool, metal, wood, which are utilised in every-day life, mostly in a form that is tailored to the specific application ... more


Anybody wearing heavy nailed football boots today? Probably not. Today's football shoes weigh about 200 grams, look as if they had been moulded to the player's foot and all materials used are ... more