Football and Technology

Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt



History of Football

A historical outline covers the period from ancient times to the second half of the 19th century... more

The Football (Soccer Ball)

Technical design and description of the development steps towards the modern ball ... more

The Pitch

From the natural surface to artificial turf, everything relating to pitch marking and around the perimeter of the field ... more

The Football Goal

The special features of the goal (the square one) as in the quote: "The round one has to go into the square one." ... more

Football Footwear

In the beginning of football, simple work boots were worn during the match, today high-tech football shoes have been developed. It is a research field of its own ... more

Shin Guards

Not popular with ball tricksters, indispensable for defenders, but equally obligatory for both types of players ? they protect the player from a blow to the lower leg and from injury with serious consequences ... more

Player's Clothing

There is more to it than just a distinctive look for teams, the player's shirt is an active device to prove an offence ... more

Goalkeeper Kit

Protective clothing for one of the toughest positions on the pitch ... more

Referee equipment and rule monitoring

Whistles, cards, watches and now goal control technology and VAR ... more


Besides the ball, the pitch, the players' kit and referee gear, explained in detail in the preceding chapters, there are numerous patent applications on technical developments in other areas concerning football or related to it ... more