Football and Technology

Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt


The Football (Soccer Ball)

Main components of a football

If you cut a conventional football in two, you will find that things do not seem to have changed significantly since the early days: ... more

The football bladder

Charles Goodyear was granted US Patent 3633 in 1844 for a method for vulcanising rubber, which made rubber suitable for a large range of applications. ... more

A valve on the bladder and how to store it

A football bladder should ideally have a perfect spherical shape. A valve or inflation tube provided on the bladder affects the ideal round shape ... more

The functions of the ball casing

The casing is the most exposed component of a football. It should be largely abrasion-resistant, evenly round and keep shape. Its properties ... more

Footballs for special occasions

When it was not yet current practice to floodlight pitches at dusk, inventors developed balls which should be clearly visible even under poor ambient light conditions ... more

Smart footballs

People often perceive training and game situations differently. Inventors therefore try to offer referees or coaches additional tools ... more