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Football and Technology



The following listed links are references directly connected with the texts of the online presentation.

References of text sources

Some contents of the listed sites have been used for the texts (chapters: History of Football, Footwear, Shin guards, Radio flag, Smart football)

References of the image sources of non-patent literature

The provision of photographs and information material by adidas AG, Uhlsport GmbH, PUMA AG and JAKO AG, as well as by Hagen Leopold (Neustadt/Weinstraße, initiator of Fritz-Walter-Museum) is greatfully acknowledged. We further thank Stiftung Deutsches Sport- & Olympia Museum, Köln as well as adidas AG, Herzogenaurach/Scheinfeld for the permission to take photographs at their archives.

List of images not contained in patent documents (use authorised by the copyright owners):

Chapter "Footwear", Figure 5 (Copyright Puma AG)

Chapter "Footwear", Figures 7 and 11b (Copyright adidas-Salomon AG)

Chapter "Player's Clothing", Figure 1 (Copyright JAKO AG)

Chapter "Goalkeeper Kit" Figures 3, 4, 8 (Copyright Uhlsport GmbH)

Chapter "Radio flag", Figure 1b (Copyright Hagen Leopold, Neustadt/Weinstraße)

Chapter "Smart football" (Copyright adidas AG)

Chapter "Synthetic materials", Figure 3 from Wikipedia

All other photos and drawings: German Patent and Trade Mark Office